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Company Profile

Intelligent windproof curtain professional manufacturer

Ltd. is located in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, the capital of doors and windows, located in the core of Guangfo Economic Circle in the Pearl River Delta, near Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, is the core park of Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and the Foshan National High-tech Zone Management Committee to form a "park-town integration" development pattern.

       The company always adhere to the talent-based, integrity-based business principles, the use of domestic and foreign well-known brands of spare parts, precision processing equipment, professional production and construction personnel, but also with solid, development, loyalty, efficiency, unity and innovation, respect for talent and focus on technology, to provide a full range of solutions for enterprises, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market always remain competitive, to achieve rapid and stable enterprise In order to achieve the rapid and stable development of enterprises, we enjoy the latest achievements of information technology development and at the same time continue to obtain the maximum benefit.

Excellence in intellectual property is committed to excellent products, exquisite technology, fashionable design, to bring you elegant and comfortable space to enjoy, with exquisite service to create tomorrow with you!


- Company culture

Corporate Culture

The vision of ZHIBO

To be an employer with satisfied employees, a supplier with satisfied customers, and a respected leader in the industry

ZHIBO's business philosophy

Small victories are based on wisdom, big victories on virtue

ZHIBO's core philosophy

The essence of business: sincerity and unity; the way of business: innovation and service

ZHIBO's Strategic Objectives

To be a provider of high quality solutions and create a platform for healthy and sustainable business growth and a high-performance learning organization.

ZHIBO's service philosophy

If we do not provide competitive services to our customers, we will be eliminated by the society and the market; if we do not provide valuable services to the company, we will be eliminated by the company.

ZHIBO's Vision


ZHIBO's business philosophy


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