Zhibo sunshade artifact, let your sun room cool for a "summer"


The crystal clear sun room will definitely add color to your building. The cold winter will definitely bring you a lot of warm sun, but under the hot summer sun, your sun room will become a steamer. Even if it is equipped with a high-power air conditioner, turning it on to the maximum refrigeration level will not solve the problem. The matching installation sunshade products can help you solve this troublesome problem.

The electric sunshade is like an umbrella for the sun room, or it can be said to be a sun hat. Not only can it block sunlight from entering the room, but it can also block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body, making your sun room a good place to cool off in summer.


The types of electric sunshade can be divided into indoor electric sunshade, outdoor electric sunshade and vertical electric sunshade according to the occasion of use. Indoor products: FSS ceiling curtain, FTS ceiling curtain, FCS ceiling curtain, honeycomb curtain, etc. Outdoor products: dual-motor canopy, single-motor canopy, European style shutters, outdoor aluminum alloy shutters, etc. Facade products: electric windproof roller blinds, electric opening and closing curtains, electric Roman blinds, etc. Shading can also choose full shading or half shading. Zhuoyuezhibo is a professional manufacturer of sun room shade products. If you need to know more about shade products, you can contact us directly!

The dual-motor outdoor canopy has many benefits. Have you installed it?

The dual-motor outdoor canopy is an external shading product installed on the top of the outdoor. It is different from the traditional single-motor canopy


Zhibo outdoor canopy has blossomed all over the country, where is its advantage

In addition to the conventional rectangle, the Zhibo dual-motor canopy system can also be made into various special shapes such as arc, isosceles, trapezoid, right angle, etc. The system is finished product and does not need to be debugged on site, and it is convenient to install. The length of the system can be 15 meters.


Reasons and solutions for the failure of electric advertising hooks

No power: Whether the power supply system is sending power to the advertising hook power supply, generally use a test pen to test, if there is no power, wait until the power is sent to work;


How to extend the service life of electric advertising hooks

The installation location of the advertising hook should be clean and tidy, in a dry and ventilated environment, and avoid moisture or direct sunlight. If the air is humid, it is easy to corrode the hook accessories and shorten their service life.

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