Full category layout to meet the exclusive needs of different customers


At present, Zhuoyuezhibo intelligent sunshade has completed the layout of all categories, realizing full coverage of sunshade products from home hotels, office buildings, commercial centers, and public buildings. It has more than 30 single products to meet the exclusive needs of different users. Among them, outdoor canopy, electric ceiling blinds, electric roller blinds, commercial advertising hanging points and other products have strongly supported the overall product lineup and comprehensive strength of Zhibo Intelligent Sunshade, and comprehensively improved and created the overall brand image of Zhuo Zhibo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


1. Outdoor canopy series

mainly focuses on the sun room, building daylighting roof exterior shading; single product classification: single motor fabric canopy, dual motor fabric canopy, dual motor metal canopy, outdoor folding waterproof canopy, etc.

2. Electric ceiling curtain series

focuses on the internal sun shading on the glass top surface of commercial centers, public buildings, office buildings, etc. Single product classification: FTS ceiling, FSS ceiling, FCS ceiling, silent track ceiling curtain, etc.

3. Electric roller blind series

Applicable to all kinds of office buildings, hotels, and homes; single product classification: electric shutters, wind-proof shutters, large shutter mechanisms, outdoor shutter windows.

4. Electric shutter series

Suitable for large glass curtain walls, daylighting roof planes, facades, and slope shading of public buildings; single product classification: outdoor aluminum alloy shutters, shuttle shutters, flat shutters, European-style shutters, etc.

5. Zhibo other products

Commercial advertising hanging point mechanism, electric window opener, electric opening and closing curtain, indoor electric blind, etc.

Excellent Zhibo always insists on focusing on user needs, providing users with more complete intelligent sunshade solutions such as scheme design, product production, construction and installation and after-sales service, and is committed to meeting users' needs at any time, any place, and any service.

The dual-motor outdoor canopy has many benefits. Have you installed it?

The dual-motor outdoor canopy is an external shading product installed on the top of the outdoor. It is different from the traditional single-motor canopy


Zhibo outdoor canopy has blossomed all over the country, where is its advantage

In addition to the conventional rectangle, the Zhibo dual-motor canopy system can also be made into various special shapes such as arc, isosceles, trapezoid, right angle, etc. The system is finished product and does not need to be debugged on site, and it is convenient to install. The length of the system can be 15 meters.


Reasons and solutions for the failure of electric advertising hooks

No power: Whether the power supply system is sending power to the advertising hook power supply, generally use a test pen to test, if there is no power, wait until the power is sent to work;


How to extend the service life of electric advertising hooks

The installation location of the advertising hook should be clean and tidy, in a dry and ventilated environment, and avoid moisture or direct sunlight. If the air is humid, it is easy to corrode the hook accessories and shorten their service life.

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