Changsha Poly Mall Project
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Changsha Poly Mall Project

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Project Name: Changsha Poly Mall Project

Project address: Intersection of Labor East Road and Shawan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Project product: Electric advertising hook

Project area: The total project area is 220,000 square meters

Project Overview:

Electric advertising hooks are mainly used for banner hanging, lighting hanging, decorative hanging, etc. in shopping malls, complexes, hotels, airports, entertainment venues and other places to achieve commercial use and create atmosphere. It is a must-have for daylighting roof atriums One of the commercial products.

Zhibo electric advertising hook is produced by international standards. It has the advantages of reasonable design, advanced structure, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight, high mechanical strength, high toughness, safe use, easy maintenance, and durability. Advertising hooks have reached international standards in terms of production and design, ensuring the safety of use and improving the service life.

The Changsha Poly Mall project has a total volume of 220,000 square meters, occupying a prime location in the Wuhan-Guangzhou business district with convenient transportation. The project brings together six splendid business formats such as large supermarkets, international cinemas, catering, children's amusement, boutique shopping, and life services. It will meet the needs of customers for party dining, leisure and relaxation, parent-child entertainment and other needs after shopping, and improve the regional commercial pattern At the same time, it provides a full range of supporting services for the residents of Yuhua District.

A total of 22 Zhibo electric advertising hooks were used in the Changsha Poly Mall project, which were installed by Hunan Zhibo and are currently in use.

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