Silent track ceiling curtain
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Silent track ceiling curtain

AM68 series motors can be adopted, and an electric guide rail is installed on both sides of the ceiling curtain
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1. AM68 series motors can be adopted, and an electric guide rail is installed on both sides of the ceiling curtain

2. Use one or two ceiling curtains to open and close synchronously according to the area

3. The horizontal connecting rods between the fabrics have a certain degree of flexibility to provide support for the fabrics and ensure that the fabrics will not fall

4. After the ceiling curtain is opened, it presents a uniform wave or flat effect, and the operation mode can be single or double opening

5. There are no special requirements for the fabric. The minimum width of the fabric is 0.65 meters, and the maximum area is less than 15 square meters.


Way to control

1. Manipulator press switch control

2. Infrared or radio remote control

3. Timing, light control, temperature control

4. Can be controlled by computer platform

5. Multiple sets of awnings can realize single control or group control

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