Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology
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Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology

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Project Name: Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology

Project address: Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology

Project product: color double motor outdoor canopy

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Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology is located in Laibin City, a new prefecture-level city known as "Guizhong". It is a public higher education institution in Guangxi District. The predecessor was Yishan Teachers College, founded in 1958, and was upgraded to Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology in 2015. The school firmly follows the path of transformation and development. It is committed to building the school into a local application-oriented undergraduate college with distinctive characteristics through the efforts of the next few years to train basic education, vocational education teachers and applied talents.

The "Colorful Guangxi" design theme canopy project is located in the library of Guangxi Normal University of Science and Technology. The library building of the school is a patio structure. The installation site is on the top of the first floor of the library. The site has no glass and an empty steel structure, as shown below.

In order to ensure the independent concealment and thermal insulation effect of the indoor space on the first floor, and to achieve the decoration design theme of "Colorful Guangxi", the project designed and installed 14 sets of color double-motor outdoor canopies, of which the single set is 12 meters long, and each canopy is different from The traditional single color is made with different color fabrics according to the design theme. Hunan Zhibo designed the overall product distribution and color matching drawings in advance according to the actual size measured on site, and cut and welded the fabric strictly according to the drawing size to ensure the product effect. At present, the construction of the project has been completed, let's take a look at the beautiful pictures on the spot, such a colorful canopy picture is rare!

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